My god. It's a fan tumbler.

Julie. Cis, nonbeliever, fangirl, vegan, crocheter, fantasy geek. There were some who called me Tinly. I'm a sucker for horrible puns.

Currently focused on Welcome to Night Vale and Sleepy Hollow. (If you're primarily interested in the latter, my other blog might be your best bet.)

Occasional TGWTG, ATLA, Harry Potter, Sleeping Warrior, the Thor corner (Thorner?) of Marvel, ladies in comics, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, and other content that catches my eye.

The Last Muppet Print by JRIllustrations (I love their NightDocs print, too—which I’m so tempted to buy because AAAH IT’S THE PONDS AND THE ARTISTS ARE IN A NEIGHBORING CITY)

Wait. Does this mean Gonzo betrayed Kermit?

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